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Challenger Aces- Recruiting for League of legends! 
We are looking for players serious about the ranked games as we strive to be one of the top teams, however we are looking for skilled and experienced players so this is your chance. Our focus will mostly be on 5v5 Ranked games, and will have scheduled 3v3 / 5v5 ranked games set up. 


  • Activeness 
  • Dedication 
  • Maturity 
  • Cooperation 
  • Contribution 
  • Common Sense 
  • Fluent English 
  • Microphone (If participating in Ranked games)

Team Rules:

  • Please be aware if you have not been active for over a two weeks you will be demoted as someone else will take your place unless if you had informed me by mail or posted in the website. 
  • All team members are expected to act maturely.
  • Feeding/Afking during any game on purpose will not be tolerated, just because you couldnt handle your own lane or you were ganked does not mean we can always afford to help you, if you need anything kindly as in team chat/voice chat.
  • All team members are to always positively represent the team with professional behavior.
  • Be courteous to all players, regardless if they are fellow team members, allies or enemies, insulting other players (team member or otherwise) reflects badly upon the team.

Team Benefits:

  • Website/Forum 
  • Skype/Teamspeak3 Server 
  • Scheduled/Organized Ranked games(3v3/5v5) 

Server: EUNE! (Europe Nordic & East).

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